Bleeding Earth


Fire fall from sky on earth
Gods turns faces off the fields
rotting corpses, flying crows,
homeless children starving slow
Burned banners lies in blood
empty faces deadly mob
rusty helmets, broken swords
burned churches, faith is lost

Now the snow cold as a stars
weeping winds blows freezing baths
leaves less forest standing hard
here is no sun no sign of life
colors bleak even sun is gray
no one is here even birds die...

They came to torment us
unholy sword upon us
our homes burns blasphemous fire
we wander out alone
We don't want no ones help
we are very proud
in dreams we hear to revenge call
we will rise to fight
Death has no win upon us
enslavement chains we break
through the veils of darkness
we return the light
Lord of Moon can't kill our anger
his dead knights perishes
Under the light of Gods
We'll back home to WIN!!!

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