The Fortuneteller


And Gods gives me visions of the war
Illuminations of doom
I'm prophet of the violence that destroys
The womb of Mother Earth
I'm bearer of the shadows of the future
My words mark the night
I have revelations of the power of the Evil
I see a dead man rise

From the dead they back to life to fight
With the living forces of the Light

And Gods give me visions...

We wander through this empty land
Our dawn sinister by the dark
Our legions vanished scratched across the field
where winds blows freezing bath
Spread our glory on hostile enemies
Break this veil of night
Stars shine brightly guide false road
Which is going to frozen hell

We cannot beat the Dark
Cause we are human wrecks
We hold the swords rise up in the air
we gathered here in this holy place
to pray for strength to fight

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