When Dead Heroes In Glory Rise...

Black candles slowly burning
in circle five they stand
souls cry on freezing winds
beginning this ritual
The Mages calling ancient names
summon Lord Moon's possessed
in flash of swords they see

in past dead heroes rise
In wars they live
for kings they die
for faith they give their lives
From death they called
to fight with Gods
To stand under Lord Moon's banner!!!

Blood-red eyes full of hate
black armors and black wings
on dead face smile for kill
innocence blood they spilled
In magic daemons weed
surrounded by the flame
burrowed underground
forget by Sun and Gods

Fog, silence dark thick like a pitch
a moving shadows of naked trees
trembling shrubs that there is no win
here is no sun no sing of birds
Evil, cold eyes
a hatefully gaze
this step, rustles, scream
this virgin soul torments
on battlefield, where tormented spirits howl
The sounds of swords of never ending fight...

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