Time Makes Us Free


I know can have courage and strength,
I know I can overcome this and laugh 'bout everything.
I know I've got lots of feelings and I know how to control all of them,
But which one is this that makes me get down on my knees?
Forcing me to do what I don't want to.

I'm losing this fight against myself
But losing to what? If what makes me stronger is what strikes me.
It's turning me into something that I'm not.

I´m certain about one thing... I think...

I feel these lies that I keep inside my heart...
Living past slows down my mind.
When all doubts get back to me
Then I'll know
Time makes us free.

I will survive and scream my hate at each sunrise
Then every fall will be a surprise
'Cause something made me believe
Someday I would learn
Time makes us free.

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