Unleash Me


Look into my eyes
Can you tell me what you see?
´´At each night and dream, you want to be sure
And wake up without this fear razing you.´´

Time has gone so fast and I´m still standing here
It´s razing me, dragging me into my nightmares.
Too many tears have fallen, lots anger screamed,
On my knees I beg this sufferin' to end.

This wind is blowing changes and away with all my dreams,
I breathe deeply trying to taste it, trying to follow it.
What is left on my hands is the loneliness.
Don´t you say it´s ok cause I don´t know what´s real anymore

Unleash me !

I can´t get away from what it's killing me.
My wounds are pulling me down so fiercely,
How can I wash away all this pain?

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