We Are The Same


Lives on earth are now condemned to one species will.
All of its resources are exhausted with no regrets

Pollution doesn't seem to bother anyone,
Is that the price of progress?
Deforestation and corruption are now common news to all of us,
And nobody seems to care.

They're overusing our resources,
And breathing in every kind of living soul.
Nothing is going to last forever,
Nothing was created for just one being.
Everything is going to vanish soon
Concepts must be changed, cultures must be renewed.

All of their wishes are nothing less than their own desires,
Which benefit no one else but themselves.

Ignorance now seems to have taken place,
The less we know the less we do!
Minding our own life won't make a difference to anyone or anything.
And nobody seems to care.

Acting like we're not part of the world
Is not gonna make all consequences go away.
It's only a matter of time for everyone to realize,
We are not better or worse,
We are the same.

We are part of the world,
Consequences will stay.
It's only a matter of time
We are the same.

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