The Beginning

Final Chapter

This a story of a journey through the world
Where many people live in fear, despair and hoplessness
They don't know what to live for spent
their whole lives working for the masters
And they, the slaves torture themslaves to death

Here before the gates of freedom
There's a light, it's shining without end
Through the darkness of the night
It was a long time ago that I left this place
To where so many came to be embraced
Now I am here again to take her hand
Once more she gives me the power to live
And to crush the lord from his throne

[Wizard Queen:]
Welcome my friend to my lonely place of doom
Now drink from my blood to free the people soon
To many of them have cried, to many of them have died for freedom
Let them live a better life
So take this sword of mine and ride up on my wings
Free them all from their loneliness
Free them all from their pain
Destroy the realm of the lord

Now I'm standing here already to take on my mission
Sending a last prayer to you
Oh, Queen of darkness and light
Let me not fail, let me win the fight
Know wrong from right
I see the future in my crystal ball
Please, don't let it end in this way

Who the hell is coming there from the other side of the gates
I'm sure he was sent from the Queen I hate
My armies are prepared, I know he won't believe
That he will fought by the ones that he wants to free

[Wizard Queen:]
Beware the lord is coming, come over here


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