The Resurrection

Final Chapter

As the winter has come over the earth
Your blood is carried by snowwinds
Through the lands of darkness, through the lands of hate
My heart is pounding loud as I wait between the shadows
I realize your fate, hear a silent breath of a soul that wants to live
Your hallowed name was written on the stones
And the graves of those who rise again

[Old man:]
He was the son of the ground and the son of the light

I lay my hands on your body
That your soul is able to return to its home and to be alive again
I call you back from the realm of the shadows
Rain and fire is falling down, open your eyes to see
You have returned to the world
Take this sign, this sign of life
And live eternally, don't ask me now who I am

[Old man:]
She was the daughter of the ground and the daughter of the wind

Welcome my friend back from your death to the circle of the Queen
Here we live in unity, we fight against the King
Running and hiding, that's our life to be
But we won't pay the price they pay not to be free
Be our guide to the future, try to open their minds to make them see
What is happening to give them strengh to live on

Wizard Queen don't be afraid soon we'll be there
Standing here with swords in hand ready to raid the lair
Giving the evil no chance to live on
Awaiting you soon to be here with us when the King is gone

I will lead them all through the night, will try to open their minds
To make them see what is happening, to give them strengh to live on

[Choirs:] We ride again
[Saviour:] We ride again... Ahhh....

I am back, I am here, I ride with my friends, I am alive
I saw the abyss, I felt the winds of doom
But now the sunlight is my guide to save the people
To save the earth, to save all the world

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