The Old Man

Final Chapter

Old man I tell you a story from the world outside
On something must have gone wrong
The people live in fear, I heard their painful cries
But they've got no chance to leave
I saw the mighty masters rule and live without dignity
They turned all people to slaves
I don't understand how this world is going on
See only the misery and pain they all suffer from

[Wizard Queen:]
So I rise from my grave again in the night
Of the damned my soul will ascend
I need the world but I know my sing is unknown
Faraway for eternity he's taken my soul

[Old man:]
I saw the world a long time ago
When the people lived in freedom and peace
I saw he will come, I knew he was near
The demon, the master of fear

And in the end as last sun arises
We are all standing at the seashore where we drown our lives
I don't know if there will be a place and any time to live
But I know there will be no place beyond us

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