Clash Dimension


Grand conspirator of the nether-chasm
Sole constructor of a middle hell
Fearful souls devoured for the under legion
Assumed enslavement for eternity

Consumption - Innocent minions
Misery Awaits - Afterlife dynasty
Sinister - Vain peonage
Excruciate - Afterlife atrocity
Insacred the halls of brutal peace
Funeral initiates post-death servitude
Resurrected spirits fever for more to join
Minds are banished in wake of calamity

Passion for worlds which lie in between the realms of life and death
Perilous windows, segueways to torment unto unknown portals
Terrorscapes harrowing faces mutated and lost
Perversion of life, morbid rites, wretched infinity
Powers beyond the strength of mortals contemptuous evil
No hope for life when caught in the path of murderous spheres
Come back to me
Lord of the dead thy kingdom cower
Rendering forth abysmal powers
The gift of escape from human failure alleviating flesh constructed error
Summoned for eternal duty sworn to destroy incarnate beauty
Uninhibited spirit curse disaster miscreator of unlife demonic master
Bleed the earth - Scorn its worth
Face the plague insanctify
Horrorreality arero-born fury Insurrection the former living flurry
Quest for domination suppression hellfiends arise through devious mutation
Dreamwave signals to an heir unsuspecting
Parallel dementia objects not real are there
Insanctimonious corpses are revived unclean dwellings savagery survives
Dissection table synthetic fluid drains forced injections lifeless veins retain
Bleed the earth scorn its worth face the plague
Clash Dimension

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