Ill Divine


Presumed dead, but not so easily exhumed dead remains unsightly
Processed cold post death indignity defiled soul impurity
Fiends of the night enshrouded
Encloned for him they work forced labor till dawn
Townships deplete exiled to misery
The signs he sends you follow
First the girl then your brother
His workers disguised to eliminate
Your friends companion irrelevant
Each town a trap you enter
With hope to end this murder

Morningside - Where it all began
Ill Divine - Boy take my hand
I won't become your servant
I only want my brother back
In spirit he guides shows us secrets
He helps us with when we discover
Passage to your underworld
Deadly flying metal spheres

Non burial - it begins again
Ill Divine - it's all a fucking lie
I don't fear you unholy bastard
yuo can't take I won't stop
I don't fear you unholy tyrant
It's inside me what do you want
Ill Divine

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