Feral Earth


Feel the pulse of the inner Earth and the surge of the seas
The breeze of a distant wind and the stench of disease
Summon forth the power drifting souls of the dead
Relinquishing dissonance The spirits lie to rest

Ghouls from the ruins chime glorious - Returning to their source
Some with content some with remorse equal as the dust
Emerging from the burning core unsettled by the sun
Illuminating energy this moment has been won
Stellar force apocalypse forever dead in the night
Region of a feral plain beyond the lunar light
Purify the stain of death cycle the trace of life
Ensiminate the fold of breath closer decaying mesh
Rivers of solitude through the forest of no light
Path of the dying sun forged through the ruins
Flesh for the carrion and flesh for the dirt
Remnants from a long time ago now withered feral earth

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