Heaven's Hero (featuring Champion Of Love)

Greater Vision

Verse 1
He traded a palace for a stable to be born
Removed a royal diadem to receive a crown of thorns
Exchanged the praises of angels for the mockery of men
This is heaven’s hero my Savior, Lord and Friend

Heaven’s Hero I will follow
He is the Captain of the free
He will champion my tomorrow
Heaven’s Hero is all I’ll ever need

Verse 2
He is the one Christ. The one and only way
He paid the one price for a debt I could not pay
He’s the one in the present, the ending and the start
The one the only hero is the hero of my heart

He is higher than the highest
Greater than the great
No one will ever take His crown away
He’s more mighty than the mightiest
He reigns from above
He’s the all time, undisputed, undefeated
Champion of Love

Composição: Phil Cross

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