When He Washed My Sins Away

Greater Vision

Verse 1
(I was looking out for number one) number one
(Unconcerned with all the things I’d done)
(Never knew I needed) Jesus, and I never found time to (pray)
Found time to pray
(Then one day I heard He died for me) died for me
(Heard about a place called Calvary)
(Gave my heart to Him) That very day when He washed my sins away

(Now I know that I am Heaven-bound)
(Getting closer every day)
(Oh the happiness and peace I found)
(When He washed my) sins away
(He Gave me such a happy song to sing) song to sing
(Makes me happy just remembering) remembering
(All the things He gave to) me that day
When He Washed My Sins Away

Verse 2
(Now I’m walking down a brand new road) brand new road
(Shouting happy everywhere I go)
Thanking Jesus for the blessings, that He gives me (every day)
Gives me every day
(When I think of what I used to be) I used to be
(I can see how much He’s done for me) done for me
(Jesus came into my) heart to stay when He washed my sins away

Composição: Dianne Wilkinson

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