My Favorite Place

Greater Vision

Verse 1
I’ve stood upon a mountain, seen the beauty that’s surroundin’
Felt such awe to think that God made this for me
I’ve walked alone at midnight, looked up into the vast sky
And seen more stars than my mind could conceive
But, of all that God created, I still have my favorite
It’s a special place that I found years ago
Though the world may not see why it means the world to me
Let me try to tell you why I love it so

Though it’s a rocky place it’s where I find my comfort
And though the sun is beating down, I must look up
To view the beauty of a love that came and found me
My Favorite Place is at the foot of the cross

Verse 2
There His love is greater than any mountain He created
And His outstretched arms seem wider than the sea
And the blood that I see flowin’ goes much deeper than the ocean
While I’m kneeling there it washes over me
There my failures are forgiven. I find daily strength for livin’
So that I can face whatever comes my way
When the morning light I see, I go back to Calvary
At His feet will always be My Favorite Place

Composição: Rodney Griffin/Tim Lovelace

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