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a Lot In Common

Group 1 Crew

I was driving in my car last night
Radio up and came to a stoplight
Had a man who came up to my window and
Asked for a dollar cause he was in a tight jam
I could tell by his eyes he's been
Judged by the world and everyone that's close to him
But I don't see what they see
My heart believes in what he could be
I see life colorblind still
Equality gets so hard to find
You and me both one of a kind
Made like a star to shine let's shine

Sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down
Sometimes the world goes round and round
And we don't stop to think that
We got a lot in common
Sometimes we have it sometimes we don't
What matters most is not the physical
Just look inside your soul cause
We got a lot in common

We gotta keep on keep on, and gotta press on press on- blazing ahead

I see the sun coming up and I'm feeling the rays
And thinking back on my life and not forgetting the days
When I was a little lost and only trying to get paid
And how my momma always prayed that I would be ok
Then a day soon came when my sky turned grey
And every friend that I had turned and walked away
I never thought that I would see this day
But then I heard a voice crying through the dark
You're my son just pray
And what I said next vexed my heart but nonetheless
Admitted that I was wrong, committed to do my best
Hard times still came but they far from my chest
I breathe easy believe me my soul's at rest

I can tell in your vision that you can't no more
Your shirt is stained by the tears that nobody ever saw
A slave to solitude handcuffed by people's claws
Who never even noticed the depth of the scars
A fatherless child who never got the chance to hold
Daddy's hand and mommy was always working trying to pay the rent
So your voyage began on a trail to the end
Cause you never knew what love looked like to begin
But I promise that the day will come when you win
And what you thought was once lost will be placed in your hand
Then the days of being second will be lost in the wind
So bear with us and let me hear the chorus again

Through all the low times
No where to go times
When your world's crashing down
And there's no one around
Don't you worry we can make it
If we just realize we all look the same inside
Get together and come alive

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