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Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Group 1 Crew

I never knew love could be like this
Powerful to protect me through the hard times that always exist
Make the hardest heart break down
Make a person who hates
Love himself so he can love those around
It takes love to forgive everyone
For all the things they've done
It's not easy but the freedom will come
We gotta learn why it is that we here
It's more than loving your life
It's making sure your life is loving your peers
Now if you could just catch my heart
Then we can part from the past
Let the days of the new love start because…

Love is a beautiful thing
That brings together people of every generation
Love can heal the pain of a broken world
It's got to start with us
And all it takes is love

Well I've got to make it clear
Love's the reason we are here
We're the object of affection from a God who holds us dear
And every where we go and everything that we do
Every time that we love
It's a reflection of You
Cause You are true love
So make it real in us

Stop holdin' on to the past
So we can bask in the rays
Let the days of the new love last

I didn't see it come
I didn't see it go
I never knew a love like this before
I'm so glad You found me
I didn't see it come
I didn't see it go
I never knew a love this before
I'm so glad You found me

They say all you need is love to bring about change
And all you need is one to ignite the flame
And if it's so, group one would be the first to say
That we lightin' up this torch and running in loves name
We've searched around the globe and even looked to the stars
Tried to fill this void with money and nice cars
Took advice from songs in the top 10 charts
And never realized that it starts in our hearts
Because love… is a beautiful thing y'all

Composição: Blanca Reyes/Pablo Villatoro/Manwell Reyes/Christopher Stevens

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