Live It Up

Group 1 Crew

Thank God its friday and its three pm I'm steady glancin at the clock its almost time for the weekend, I grab my iphone post a status for my friends send a text before the day ends cuz I don't wanna stay in

Turn up the music while I'm fixin my hair, callin my girls where we go I don't care, I gotta half a tank of gas and I'm hopin that it last cuz I'm ready for the weekend and I ain't trying stay in

Jump in my automatic feelin sparatic already had it
Wit the 9 to 5 it's tragic and proble proble matic matic
System overload and blastin my stereo
The temperature is rising so I drop the top to expose
My energy is out the box man, I can't seem to stop when
Everything about my life is blessed and oh so evident
You can take away the lights, shut the cameras down and I
Wouldn't even care cuz all my homies goin out tonight

Turn it up, turn it up like we don't care and we can
Live it up, live it up we can go anywhere and watch us
Shake it up, shake it up the vibes in the air air and
Live it up, live it up, live it up

Here we go take you around the globe you can be a centerfold or stuck in a cubicle from here to Tokyo we goin make it hot, hot this feelings nonstop so show me what you got got

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