Losing Sleep

In Her Own Words

I've been bending over backwards just to say this to your faceI guess that I never got the chance to sayI never wanted to play those stupid gamesThis is driving me insaneAll the thoughts inside my brainGo along with time we lost in this city of mineAnd I’ve been trying my best to scream these words you detestYou were no different from the restAnd I've been losing so much sleep. We've been dragging our feetLet's pretend this never happened, I'll pretend you don't existSo I can finally forget the taste that lingers on my lipsAnd when I'm on the road and you're at home without your friendsI hope you start to realize that you'll never see my face againYou'll never lie straight to my face againI hope this tears you up inside. Hope these words control your lifeCause you deserve nothing from me

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