Phantom Battle

Machinae Supremacy

Out of nowhere
Too fast, too fast
Go, run now, I’ll hold them back
I know you don’t know, how could you
(But) I have seen these things before

Meet our generation zero
The soulless, the first of my kind
They were given tremendous power
But the trial destroyed their minds

So, who is in control?
Who could ever wield such a weapon?
And how do I fight them all?

You, face me and deal with me
Beast or not, you will bleed for me
I will make you suffer in kind
You, chase me and dance with me
I will take most of you with me
Before I fall, before I go down

Forced to this life, as I was
And there the similarities end
I don’t know, I just don’t know how
I don’t think I can win

I suppose, a fitting end
I give you one last gift, but
You will have to promise me that you
Will live to see another day
All I ask of you is

Just get away
No, not that way

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