Dark Side

Rain Of Ashes

The illusive view of sunrise
Even days are black as night
This dawn is only fake
We're living on Dark Side
Here is where light never shines
And where life never grows
Where God never touched
And the wind never blows

I don't exist no more
I'm swallowed by the shroud
A maze of darkened shades
Blows me out

Each day we're trying to ignore
What's ruling our earth
A black haze of darkness
Dark Side of the universe
Turned away from sunlight
The weeping freezing breeze
In apathy so motionless
In darkness left to freeze


I tried to plant a tree of green
To be a source of life
But nothing can prosper
In the shadows of Dark Side


Rotten and deformed
We live in eternal night
Dreaming of a light beam
To take us off Dark Side

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