Endless Vortex

Rain Of Ashes

Here I stalk again through this ghetto I call home
These walls of desperation, these doors of ignorance
A slaughtered cat is rotting at the station on the rails
Pitied by a hundred and ignored by hundred more
A symbol of modern sorrow
How much a laugh will be tomorrow
Spring is coming back, but won't refresh me anyway
Cause the real evil winter cannot be fought away
The ice behind the faces and the frozen hearts of greed
Will they ever melt away or freeze me til I bleed

Plunging into the everflow
Twisted in the endless vortex
Plunging into the everflow

Your icons of prestige are filthy lucre in the dust
Just an outer shield to hide your inside full of rust
You think that you must push me as you always did before
But I'm so sick of your sarcasm and I don't want it anymore
You gonna force into your scheme
That always is what it has been
Tried to built me up that I resist their seducing
But all you want to make me is a puppet on a string
Why should I remain, there is nothing to receive
No acceptance anyway, no trust and no belief


Tumbling, twisting, spiralling in the endless vortex

Here I stand and ask for any reason to remain
Vermin bites my skin and makes my moves becoming lame
Their overdosed pressure concentrated on my spine
They thought their hate was strong
But they never tasted mine


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