This Mortal Shade Of Pain

Rain Of Ashes

Dark mourn of the suffering
Feel the taste of bitter tears
Struck down in the mud of mankind
Violated by my kind

Misanthropic domination
In this mortal shade of pain
In unending suffocation
Agony's the only gain

No sense in this existence
Feel no will to stagger on
Gonna leave this endless nightmare
For the light of grace is gone
I perish silently
Becoming weak
I pray for sanity
But cannot speak

I close my eyelids tight
Cause I wish that I'd be blind
But still my eyes keep sight
Cause the horror's saved in mind
Getting tired of the sadness
Getting tired of this fear
That is turning into madness
That is making all so queer

Eternal sleep
Devour me
Slumber of black
Embrace me

And I feel my blood ist flowing
Through this mortal shade of pain
And the urge to sleep is growing
Never to awake again


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