Roberto Carlos

Compositor:Paul Williams / Ken Ascher

Loneliness takes the romance out of falling stars Fills the wishing wells and fills the bars Run and hide the scars of loneliness Loneliness makes the winter's night seem twice as long Makes the summer sunlight much too strong Nothing's really wrong, it's only loneliness So stay a while We both have stories that are hungry to be told Your eyes are warm, but I can feel your hands are cold But still they're nice to hold It only takes a simple "yes" The time we spend leaves that much less for Loneliness, like a love song or an old "cliché" Has its hide outs but it's never far away Look around you've found it's only loneliness So stay a while We've worn the night away, and now it's almost done If you could stay, a bit of breakfast might be fun It's too much work for one And though it's just a simple guess We're stronger now, we've made the best of Loneliness, waits in silence while the shadows grow Waits and wonders if it's finally the time to go The "yes" in our "hello" said "no" to loneliness Loneliness...

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