Choose Me

Company B

Since we've been together, baby, what a ride we've had
A rollercoaster j-curve through the good times and the bad
And maybe you got the blues
But if you have to choose
Then choose me.

John Howard:
You gave him your devotion and he treated you so cruel
You took him to the top and now he takes you for a fool
Who don't you break it up?
It's time to shake it up
And choose me.
Dislocation, deprivation, well it's more than you should stand

Working Nation transformation needs a sure and steady hand
We'll be smarter, it gets harder, but we've got to push on through

You don't need it! Why believe it? What's your country done for you?
I'll pick you pretty flowers, babe, and bring 'em to your door

Am I the only one to whom that promise sounds non-core?

No, I always tell the truth

I think we need a little proof

Keating and Howard:
So choose me.

We had trouble, burst our bubble, but recovery is here

I don't trust it, he'll just bust it, gonna prick your brick veneer

Honest Johnny, later on, we gonna see a GST?

No I swear it, I declare it, that will never ever be!

So tell me truly, baby, is it him or is it me?

Take a lolly, baby, think it over carefully

Keating and Howard:
'Cos now it's up to you
Whatever you want to do...
But choose me.

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