Light On The Hill

Company B

They're counting up the votes across Australia
And counting down the seconds of my years
I've seen quite a few elections
I know how to read projections
I can recognise a change when it appears
The people make the ultimate decision
The system says they always get it right
So though it seems like half an hour
Since I stumbled into power
Now it's time for me to say goodnight.

But still I dream
Of a country rich and clever
With compassion and endeavour
Reaching out towards forever, and I'm still
Dreaming of the light on the hill.

You start off in your local council chamber
You fight and dream until you reach your prime
And if you should succeed
By the time you get to lead
You're pretty much exhausted from the climb
You only get a moment in the penthouse
Before you find you're standing on the sill
And if you're sunk in ham and gammon
When it turns from feast to famine
Then you're lucky if you've had your fill.

But still I dream
Heads are high and hearts are heady
Eyes are bright and clear and steady
Full of promise that we're ready to fulfill
I'm dreaming of the light on the hill.

They're counting up the votes across Australia
This time it seems the verdict is severe
Swan, McEwen, Fadden, Dickson,
Bass and Paterson and Kingston
But it's Oxley with the message, loud and clear:
"Bring us back our comfy bloody country
Take us back to simple days of yore
Nothing alien or scary,
La-de-da or airy-fairy
Just put it back the way it was before."

But still I dream
That the stars will be aligning
As our fates are intertwining
Until every heart is shining with goodwill
Shining like the light on the hill,
Shining like the light on the hill.

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