It's Time

Company B

I've made a habit of collecting clocks
Sleek antiques with ticks and tocks
Didn't you ever wonder why?
I hear the seconds as a perfect space
Pushed together in relentless pace
The beat of a moment passing by
And every face is like the moon to me
Full of hope and opportunity
Pulled in the orbit of it's hands
My tide is high and my chance is nigh
I've got to take it and you know why
Somewhere inside you, there's a man that understands

It's time!
Time, the revelator, destroyer and creator, no-one gets to wait on time!
Time to start afresh, we know we're only flesh and bones and so it's precious time!
It's time!

The Opposition takes a different tack
They wind it down and they turn it back
They don't like to hear that sound
But time is slipping past them every day
Just like the picture of Dorian Gray
And it's they who come unwound

Keating and Bob Hawke:
For evolution needs time to move
Just like a drummer beats time to grove
And it can never stand still

The revolution of a second hand
Is the solution that I must demand
A change is gonna come now, you know it always will...

Keating and Hawke:
In time!

Time is of the essence, I know that it's unpleasant but no time like the present time!
Time won't be denied and though you try to hide you know it's on my side...

It's time!
Time to make a break, it's time for you to take it, whip and out and shake it,

Keating and Hawke:

Time and time again, you might have dug the venue, now you're on the menu, time!
It's time!

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