The Arse End Of The Earth

Company B

Another morning in the PMC
We've got the latest on the CAD
It's only four percent of GDP
But it's causing little tremors at the NAB
You want your funding for the AME
We'll have to sneak it past the ERC
And the PMO observers of the GNE are nervous
It's another day of service in the ALP.

Paul Keating:
My land is burning with bureaucracy
To scared to contemplate it's worth
Inert and dreaming of democracy
Too struck by sun to get things done
At the arse end of the earth.

Another morning in the monarchy
We've got the model from the RAC
About as minimal as it can be
But you might have blown your chances for an OBE
They're gonna try and pull the train off track
They're lining up to fly the Union Jack
And the tyranny of distance and the path of least resistance
And you gave the Queen assistance when you goosed her back.

We have one golden opportunity
To see our brand new flag unfurled
To rise with shining eyes in unity
It's hard to stand with heads in sand
At the arse end of the world

Keating and Evans:
We can move this world
We can chance this place
Shifting inch by inch
At a glacial pace
Take it step by step
Build it brick by brick
Important innovations
And delicate equations
I'm running out of patience, can we make this quick?
Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick!

Another morning in the ACT
Remind Australia that we're young and free
But every channel seems to disagree
With the possible exception of the ABC
We're getting hammered by the tabloid press
We must be pissing Rupert off, I guess
'Cos they're calling us elitist and the polling is defeatist
And we hope that every street is watching SBS!

Oh yes! Oh yes!

We hear the siren song of destiny
A call to rapturous rebirth
We dare to recognise our history
The future's bright for black and white
At the arse end of the earth
What better place to make your base than the arse end of the earth?

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