Godzilla Vs King Kong

Darkim Be Allah

{Darkim Be Allah
Infadetly, tragedy, point black catastrophe
Hold vasline, that's savregy in the presince of your majesty
Jet Black he the best first to quence ya thirst to get hurt
I burst the pops, who be long, in this fate who pop slugs with dunns
Like they was buds and Mr. Drumhorse, Thug Horse
Me and my niggaz run short in the blood porse
Perpursilly, hunts me down on that full speed
Pissy wanna proof me, Fuckin right
I'm the truth see, scaredy cats who need a demon spooky
And design the crime that shoot me, get caught with no avail
Got prevail, no stop, e-mail, AOL, cops wanna see it what made 'em
Bitches up, husbands be hatin, beware, obligation
On such equations, inflatin it, head like helium
Spit like box of penix daily when I steal them
You know I'm stoned for real or when cokes will

{Darik the Assassin
Live amongst the righteous, time is spent well invested
On the battle fields where I was desperate
I learned to send my clown to roll it down
Cuz times where hard and ain't a man to rob Gucci
Rhyme me at the corner convection, conversin with thugs and scholars
Rhyme fitted caps, gold collars
Guzzled German vodka, pure commers layin in front of lines
Vannaville system by one time
Clean my mind, as well as enemy
He sleapless, be the world skitriteous
Do the content of my face
Burnin it, but read to use it, boes for bleedin
Niggas never made it big, baby
We played my towns in the rain of a Rabis
I was raised to rick the Angel flow brainless
World by my enterprise, I won't be denied
Wanna redefined, cuz she scarred like the product
Bring words in proper cline

{K-Bar Allah
And this abyss is not affindments
Combine the mind with the nine clips
And show them how minds spits
For sure my lines, get ya neighborhood dimeless
So let me get that behind switch, pocket
Rougher and rougher, population grow with suckas
Cuz I give it deduct ya
Money whip, never get, money wit
Fuck you and ya honey click
Don't be a dummy, make ya tummy get water mental to the clip
Empty, represent N.Y.C., where the flies to fly
Be high as the high sea
U.S. to deal with, dance with us, to say the least is cancerous
Like Rudy Judy would he, peace drunk and movies carry uzzies
Had wet heads like Rudy, lace ya face like a goalie
Sun stop smokin mad groody, I've gone suspect that they fooled me

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