Niggas Know

Motherfuckas don't know

I snatch the heart in 'em and pardon 'em
Try to stop my shine, while I'm sparklin'
Hold the solar gallant ain't the polar ginko bola
Survive three stabs to the shoulder, get carried
Now they bustin shots at my charriot
Supreme ultimate, love the way they say my name when I'm strokin it
Fatal strikes rollin with the likes
Legendary, treat the microphone like it's comisary
Street military, Warface lookin' scary
Precarious, love fat ass, but it's various
Approach me, only my words could play me closely
Intercontinentally doves, I'm makin love to 'em, mentally above
Brought the right, some might say
I came to rock a chamber, banger, Killa Bee stinger
Rap star ajar and an R&B singer

Ya ice grillin, but you still ain't killin mics
Lurkin in my eye, motherfuckers ya be feelin like
Fuck drinkin, fuck short term thinkin
Fuck bug niggas trying to floss with their drink and
I be the iceberg that left ya whole ship thinkin
The black God, see a rap star in the makin
Prepare for me, I carefully approach the situation
Stay humble while I'm rumblin with Satan
I street relate, got playas hatin
The manner of a king, breed, catch or freeze nigga,
Killa Bee Sting
They lost the round they wrist, and everything is crisp
Rappin for beef, I made a list
Blew the death kiss, the legend that truth became a myth
I calculate, watchin ya friends evaporate in the mystery
Thinkin that God's a mystery
Killer bomb threats, blowin this shit outta the content
My category, mission my words is self explanatory
Real live hustla, 6'2" and kinda muscular
Justice is served on the first violation
Fuck the example, make a statement

Dwellin in Hell, but maintain a state of harmony
Thinkin I hear somebody callin me
Stranger, countin my days, resist the manger
Swift change makin my heart react to danger
But state the con tight, one false move I switch to crime life
Roll with the armory, talkin with heat
The streets a part of me
To measure, my styles been hard time for ever
React to my contact a hardcore felon
From Manarose to Wesley, 11 years without tellin
My life for the Black Seven
and we all give our love to the Black Seven
Harmony hold the niggas that slept, I check the folder
Niggas Know me, rather me walk name lonely
The money, and the fame, and the bitches niggas show me

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