Stronger Now

Darkim Be Allah

Yo shit is ill out here yo
Gotta put strength in your shit
Come stronger now knawhatimnean?
YO, shit is ill out here
Gotta come stronger with the dope shit
Put the strength in it
Yo gotta put strength in ya shit
Come stronger now, knowhatimeanin
(repeated modified)

{Big Supreme
I'm just a big time survivor, from the juck sells of dicks
From the lie to the shorties, sex for kicks
You know, keeps a gat in the rest, just in case problema
Savin and said it son, yeah whatever yeah
I keep a vest for dell, nowadays, yeah
It ain't hard to tell, I change my way for the right
I advise now, a major plan, live it out to the letter
It's bound to expand, but still a no shorter
No loss operation, major dipps rivid
Ya savin locked and a tape it yeah
Recognize, the streets you blow fast
Get knocked, now you test and try to duet
You better step, way above what you normally pay
That the right no doubt you gotta be upstate
Bid, must be kiddin, not suppose to be
Worthwile, to bullshittin, stop fuckin with me

Chorus 2X
Cuz I'm stronger now, yeah took a while to see
Big Supreme hustle hard gettin money yeah
I'm stronger now, yeah took a while to see

{Big Supreme
It's like a winner now, as we approach the drop zone
Bigger joint, the title says it alone
With a fear consciense, no nonsense, says a vet
Black mutt the same bitch fresh eject cuz they peck
But I'mma fast forward, earn my pay everyday
My flow design a vict, evil ways when you press play
Word, true to God and to planetary dominance
Lyrics are large, cuz I race 'em on commmon sense
Battle ready, underground like Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Undisputed expert
Yeah check a felon, cuz I don't pedal no rasta flip
Watch it son, have receipt when I rips with
Pure prestine cock deep powerful
You be god Big Supreme nigga what ya wanna do?
Make ya run around, what he say? he say what?
Yo sit the fuck down, I told ya what the fuck yo
When I'm dirtin rot and not a second the floor
I told ya, I'm Big Supreme from the UB4

Chorus 4X

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