World Domination

Darkim Be Allah

One two, one two
All the Gods in the area

{Darkim Be Allah
Rappers submit to my dominance
We used struck pose rose to prominence
Seventies God on seven continents
No fear, countin it
Slay enemies when it's countless
They know I walk through the alley, past street parks and valleys
Where the cops buck fool like Dirty Harriet
Marry bitch 36 in the chambers
Fillin me, Killa Bee sting
It's been too long, should of broke through all along
I'm born, hot sexy, young doves on the block
Recognize me, fork in the road, I chose wisely
Step lively, nothin' can slick or slide by me
I'm Banks Donnie Banks, international extrodonaire top rank
Got laced from here to the Phillipines
We form the street corner kings
My name rings when I hit the strip shit change
New king of fame, six new mellows to the game
Blame it all on me, cuz the world wasn't like this before me
Death never pawn me, I'm life in this elimentary state
The right real estate, mentally contemplate
My own fate, walk through the ghetto
Switch the mics to be my metal, move crowds like Geppetto

Play the corner, play the building
Smoke wise to the ceiling, nigga walked in billin
Came out with truth and livin', from the truth I'm rebellin
Dailin HN neighborhood, fate flate was good
It could of been all that
Can't place the face without recall that
Super skillin', earings killin ya looks
That made it look right, pass what I was dealin
Ever since let it be hits, the black soul effect ebony prints
Speak the street dialect, keep it direct
Peep love, keep love, pursed in the projects
Put work out on the market
Stimulate the state of my bate off the rhyme
The flying winnaser, black horse stacks the Prime Minister
Back from the grave to the cradle
I crush the fatal real life damns available
From the life I exist through
Shots go my a widdle whistle
Shoot through ya hood like a missile
Everything change just keep fames official

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