Far More

Greater Vision

Verse 1
I watched from a distance as God blessed His children
I saw how He cared for His own
He seemed like a good God, loving and patient
A being that I’d like to know
So, one day I bowed down, said, “Lord, I give up now”
“Come cleanse me, from sin set me free”
The greatest surprise when He opened my eyes
He was more than I thought He could be

Far More worthy than I had imagined
Far More loving than my heart had dreamed
Far More able without limitation
All that I longed for
He was Far More to me

Verse 2
Soon I’ll be reaching the end of my journey
To enter the presence of God
I’ll witness His glory, His countenance Holy
The Lamb without blemish or spot
I’ll see eyes of compassion, touch hands that once fashioned
This way marked by suffering and pain
As His wonder unfolds and I kneel on pure gold
All of heaven will hear me proclaim

All that I longed for
More than I’d hoped for
More than I’d asked for
Lord, You’re far more to me

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