Group 1 Crew

It's so easy to make good pop records
'cause you don't have to do too much

We feeling right
We feeling good
We feeling right like we knew we would

We got that digirock
Beat, the beat done hit the spot
Can't see the future but i see the top
Don't run a lot, but i run the block
I am not scared of the fact that we catch some flak
For the hip hop tracks and melodic raps
All we want is for you to catch
The dream of a coach that is free at last
Free at last
See new hope, not a broken past
I seem dope, you seem to laugh
I speak life, you speak in gasps
I spit fire, watch you blast
Up into space, hey don't you crash
I see great, 'cause i see a path
I can't stop, put on the gas
Don't get passed

You ain't gotta be a rockstar to know how to party
Got that good, good music that moves your body
We got that digirock
Go tell somebody

Digital is pivotal
Like elvis was to rock & roll
You know my team likes to bring the soul
So here we go
Watch the flow
From the spirit of a disco child
Revolutionary life style
Mike j fox couldn't bring me back
So the future is stuck with me now
True visionary
And it's barely fair to compare my god to the fairy tales
That they share
It's all air
'cause i build on the rock, the rock that won't err

It's so incredible
Changing the game, yeah
We got the people like "hey"
Digital persona
Let it transform ya
Into whatever, ever you wanna be, yeah
Feeling right
Feeling good
Can you feel it?
We feeling right like we knew we would

Composição: Blanca Callahan/Pablo Villatoro/Manwell Reyes/Christopher Stevens

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