Heavy Metal


Heavy Metal
For quite a while they ignored our rockin' ways
But we fight with naked fist
to revivive those metal dayz…

Prepare to thrash, to dive and bash!
Heavy Metal!!!

Check the drums and plug in the Marshalls
Are ya ready for sex, beer and metal?
Studs and sluts and leather jackets
This ain't no place for ‘pony-tail' faggots

Obey to the noise, we feel the adrenalin inside
All that God forbid
we'll be practicing tonight

Too drunk to fuck, provoking luck!
Heavy Metal!!!

The crowd's going mad with bangin' and slamdance
Flung into the ground, will someone call an ambulance?
Smell the odor of sweat and vomit
Hell broke loose and there's no way to stop it!

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