White Fluid Rebel


White Fluid Rebel
Inspired by your cultural heritage
you think your status will improve
if you live for your libido and shag around like rabbits do
Is it your destiny?
Is it your duty as a man
to screw around and breed
as many offspring as you can?

White Fluid Rebel

Incest in progress,
let your sperm freely flow.
Fill 'em up with alcohol,
and they will never know
the father of the child they bear,
who turned their lives into hell
you generously donate your gift into somebody else!

You scandalize the innocent, penetrate the young
They spread their legs for you
and you dump them when you're done
I don't say something's wrong with sex
but to me there's nothing worse
than the principles you practice...
Unless you're a bonobo of course

White Fluid Rebel

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