Perdition Suxx


Perdition suxx
I read the news today, surprised by screaminð heads
Another war in Afghanistan and another 15.000 deaths
A revolt rising in Belgium due to a fault in the case Dutroux
Passports can be falsified, now shit comes in all hues

Why should we bet bothered whether a government will fall?
Is there anything less meaning than human rights at all?
Civilized but worse than the devil whored himself
Call it ostrich policy but it is something I canðt help
The world will keep turning so what are ya worried for?
Why not exterminate eachother and fuck up a little more?
Living is like gambling, raise the stakes and make a vow
For if you were born on the other side youðd be dead by now!

Terror and violence, devastation on parole
Worldwide new Khomeiniðs are about to take control
Wealth and pride are holy, the expressions of today
Politicians promise but they twist the words they say
The world gets more divided, neonaziðs re-unite
Preparing new gas chambers to annihilate mankind!

We are thrown back to the stoneage,
someoneðs planning a coup dðÛtat
The journals are screaming horror
but they canðt do more than that
G.I. Joes in Cuba
while out cities are in decay
Whales and tigers become extinct
but we feel better everyday

Visions and dreams, ideologies of hate
Take nothing for granted, no room for debate
Mind your own business, keep your own alley clean
I proclaim proudly, I plan and I scheme
For scheming ploys money and money means power
Power grows money, every minute and hour
So why should I coare whether doom is at hand?
Take care for yourself and grab as much as you can!
Perdition Suxx
(Repeat 1st and 2nd verse)

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