The Way It Is...


The way it is...
Living at the wrong place, in the wrong period of time
Dealing with moralities which are not really mine
Like George Orwells predictions in his '1984'
Maybe somewhat different, but globally the same
We're known by our opinions and no-one can explain
why some of my convictions are not worth to be endorsed

Did it ever occur to you that Jehovahs are o.k.
when they're compared to islamic pigs?
Did it ever occur to you that the taxes you have to pay
supports some jobless obese bitch?

I accurse, I defy your double standards
I cannot differ wrong and right
You assume and that's why those wicked bastards
implanted figments in your mind
It's just the way it is...

You think in holy concepts, conditionally learnt
Impressed by lesser gods and merits never earned
Arousing you with money and phoney make-believe
Some things must be faced, yes even when it hurts
A critisizing attitude keeps our consciousness alert
for in this land of milk & honey
we're free in thought and speech

Think first, then behold, view in perspective
Every item has very different sides
Think again and you'll conclude what's not objective
Evidently there are no truths or lies
It's just the way it is...

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