Mad TV

Beyoncé: Commercial shoot's done, they just wanted one today, anyway...
Who'd look at the other two, when you've got Beyoncé?

Other Two: But what about us?

Beyoncé: Who says I need you?

Other Two: Tears on our paychecks...

Beyoncé: They come from my dad

Other Two: We'll file us a lawsuit...

Beyoncé: Better watch what you say girls, I'll put your ass out in the street

Other Two: We'll be eating government cheese
It's just Beyoncé who's taking it over
Caught up in her image, lost in her weave
We'll never sing solo, only the harmonies
We didn't know that Destiny would have only just one child

Beyoncé: Well don't you know that Destiny has got only one spotlight

Other Two: Spotlight, spotlight, spotlight...

Beyoncé: Spotlight, spotlight, spotlight...

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