Mad TV

(Don't look at that)

I used to be, such a dirty girl
Showed my cooch, made world news
But sales have dropped, cause I grossed you out
You didn't care, to see my pubic hair

So now I'm virginal, I've changed my slutty ways
Covered up my thong, umhmmmmm
I am virginal, let's see if it will pay
At least for this one song, oh yeah
This ain't a sexy song today

There's a drag queen in a wig
There's a fat girl no one likes
There's an anorexic twig
My pierced nipples ain't in sight
There's a sad boy lifting weights
Gay guys kissing deep and slow
But you won't see my whatever(?) shaved, while you watch this video

Cause I'm virginal, won't flash my ass for you
Even if you beg, uh huhhh
Cause I'm virginal, I'm trying something new
Closing up my legs, uh huhhh
No more sexy songs for you
(...unless this don't sell, then I'm going right back to being a whore....)

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