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I'm More Wizer

Mad TV

Britney's back, just the way you wanna see her
Still a slut, but just a little skinnier.
I'm that girl just like Madonna, look I'm naked in the sauna!
And I still can't really sing baby
A happy end for this white trash Cinderella
I finally dumped that weird paparazzi fella
I'm trying to make you forget that I went nuts and shaved my head and beat a car up with an umbrella

My hair's red now y'all!
I'm more wizer I'm more, I'm more wizer oh! I'm more wizer oh! I'm more wizer
I love that you want butts and boobs yeah
I'm more wizer I'm more wizer I'm more wizer
Who's it trying to fool uh huh I know what I'm good for
Just sex it up and leave my brain and babies at the door
Look at me y'all and just pretend that I'm the girl from "Oops... I did it again!"

You want the girl, well you've got the girl and she knows
You want her hot, not barefoot and eatin' Cheeto's
I want to be your favorite whore, I'll be a crazy skank no more
I'll just be the normal skank from before!

Hi y'all! Did you like my song?
I'm naked!
You have no idea, it's real smokey and stinky in here, but don't I look good y'all?
It was real hard to get this thin, singing I really had to poop a lot so that I could be this hot!
Oh thats so good! Oh shoot!
That should be in the song!
It's real hot in here!
Hey can we turn off the steam?

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