My Predicament

Mad TV

I like to whisper, before my video starts
It sounds like i'm saying something important, but i'm not

They say i'm desperate, that is so unfair
That's my predicament
I just got married, to a guy with dirty hair
Now i've got to pay his rent
I shull his twinkies (??)
Thats why i'm chubbin' up
But they don't go with Vodka
I really don't want to stop i'll have another
I'm gonna flash with all this cash
I cannot hide, that i was born white trash

Everybody's saying Brit-tany has lost it
My concerts are in under (?)
I had to cancel
Justin's now got Cameron
I am stuck with Les-then
That's my predicament
And he's got 2 kids with Moesha's friend
It's my predicament
Federline, dance!

Everybody's thinking that my voice is stinkin'
My career's in deep descent (?)
Try Curious, at K-mart
And these dont have another, these big old milkums (??)
That's my predicament

Bobby Brown:
Hey this is my predicament!
Me, Bobby Brown
If anybody's gonna remake my one and only hit,
It's gonna be B-Brown
If you talk to Whitney, she will say he hit me
I swear it was an accident
She hit me first!
We got so much in common, he got some powder on him
That's our predicament
Give me a taste, man!

Our Predicament, our predicament
Our Predicament, our predicament
Our Predicament, our predicament
Our Predicament, our predicament

Bobby Brown:
Yo who stole my 8-ball! Ha?!
All the black people step out

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