All the walls I've built are gone
What I trusted in so long
I see my life in ruins
When I am broken I can see
That nothing lasts nothing's for real
Except your endless love
Now You're my shelter You're my hope

I've used all my strength now carry me Lord
(Never been so deep before, tried it all but still I fall)
On my own I'm helpless
I Need You

I thought I'd make it on my own
But now I'm lost, feel so alone
I get down on my knees now
Again I give my life to you
Lord help me this time to stay true
I give up all my pride
I'm crying helpless in your arms


You are my strength, carry me Lord
(Let Your love flow over me, let it rain
Don't let me leave Your side again)
'Cause on my own I'm helpless; I need you

I put my trust in you I set my focus high
Don't take your spirit away, I need you by my side
You are all I've got, you are all I need
Lord I depend on You

I depend on You

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