Keep The Focus


Lift up your eyes, I know it's dark inside
Lift up your eyes, see the eternal light
You have been trying on your own
And you blame God for all your faults, your faults
You have a true desire but you're aiming to low
You put your faith in what you know
God works in so mysterious ways
Your box is way to small, I'll say it to your face
'Cause I am in the same situation
Having problem with my focus I'm so impatient
But God is patient he let me try and try again
So here I'm at it: Are you with me?

I set my eyes to the cross, my life depends on it
I'm gonna fight 'til I die to keep the focus high
We got to try to keep the focus high

No other thing can replace his love in me
He's all that I need, He is my everything
Hallelujah what a joy, to be His child, His child
I make mistakes, I know, I'm only human but he loves me
It's amazing this grace, I don't deserve it but I love it
You see God has set me free, free from the prison of illusions
So now I lift my eyes to see the man on the cross
The man that died for me, the man that died for us
I keep that image in my head to keep the focus high
That's what it's all about: Are you with me


I set my eyes to the cross
'Cause my life depends on it

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