No More Make Up


I am what I am
I'm not what I look (like)
So holy and pure
I've got honest blue eyes
But you see right through me
How do you stand?
To watch all my lies
When you know what's inside
I've been faking all my life
Said I'm yours when it's not true
Now I'm ready, take your knife
Cut off what's not you

No more makeup
No more makeup in my life I'm through with that
Wash my face, use my tears
Lord make me real

I've put on a mask
a clown full of clouds
I'm religious type A
so flawless so perfect
I know what's expected
I know how to act
But inside of me
Lurks the creature of darkness
Wanna make a change from now
I've decided where I stand
I surrender all to you
Lord Jesus I'm Yours

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