This one is for you Lord
I want it to be a true song
Coming straight from my heart
I wanna tell you how I feel
But my language is so infected by those spiritual words
That we said to many times they've lost their meaning
You know the Christians in this nation is in a worship devaluation
What we need my generation is a holy revelation
To see what you are, what you've done what you do
Please help us to see how we should give all our praises to you

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I just want to say my praise to You
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
My God almighty

So heavenly father
I thank you for the price you paid
The sacrifice you made to make me pure
You've got my life in your hand you've made me understand
What life is all about and it changed me
I'm bowing down before you it sure makes sense to do
'Cause you are God and I am me that's how it's supposed to be
I love to be your child to live with you is wild
And all you've done for me has given me the opportunity to say:


I give you my praise
I give you my life
I'm bowing me down
I give you my praise

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