Mouth Full of Regrets


So is this what you call hope?
I wouldn't care less if you choked
My heart's on fire waiting for you

So is this what you call life?
Sharper than the sharpest knife
My lungs are bleeding breathing in you

So cut your ties
And spread your lies
So everyone can see you're nothing but a joke
And don't forget to take it in
So wrap me around your finger
So you always remember I'm the best you ever had

I've got a bullet and a gun
If you wanna have some fun
I swear, I promise
Shoot to kill

I've got a razor and a writst
But I'm not cutting this
My lungs can only take so much


Am I the only one?
Tell me who is having fun
Cause I've had better days in hell
And I hope that you can tell
I'm losing grip on what I had

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