This Waiting Room, This Cold Anticipation


Take the longest road back home to the place that all will know, the trying days of old have passed
The summer grass between our toes, when we'll get there no one knows
As for now, i'll dream of where we'll go
And it's one more night in omaha
One more breath of autumn air, i've never seen nebraska this cold
The ground is bare it knows my soul, i've weathered more than hearts should know
I'm keeping faith in this lack of snow
Take off your coat and take a chair, she'll be here shortly to find your cure
The nurse will take your vital signs, and document the ache in mind
You know i've got this fever, and it's taking its toll on the long flight home
We'll head for the south, we'll make our escape, from this hospital room, that is keeping me sick
Pack your bags, we're going anywhere south from here
I'm counting the days, (counting your loved ones), this is my holding pattern
Doctor is there a cure, 'cause i am getting worse
This could be the last chance i get to make this right
No i've never seen nebraska this cold

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