The Harbor And The Sailor


Waking up to lack of oxygen
Pulling the weight of the world
Down into the deepest blue, oh whoa oh
I can't recall what I'm doing here
What I'm holding on to
Ever feeling so low, ever feeling so low

So rise to the occasion and surface with intentions
To make your father proud the harbor holds it's ground
And your friends will wait there for you on the shore 'til you coming sailing home to see, you were missing out

With the lighthouse in the distance and this anchor as my witness
I know that we'll get through this
I swear that we'll get through this
Set the sails

I'm coming home this is the furthest
I've been in a long long time
Oh, current you'll pull me wherever you know
(But I know)
This story gets me out of here
This story gets me out of here
It's all my fault, I looked away, from open arms

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