Wreck of The Zephyr


Hold on, hold on
I deserve this
I bet you'll miss my crossed fingers
Let me get this off my chest
I feel a little tired from holding on to thinking
I am worth this, oh, how could I have lost this?
Just tell me now, oh where did I go wrong
Just tell me now, oh why is this my fault?

Oh God I need to know
This silver lined horizon lends its shimmer to the bay
The hardest place
The forecast called for sunny skies but all I got was rain
The hardest part of losing this is knowing I'm ok, alright I'm holding on to hope we'll be ok

Hold on 'til, the weather changes
Whether change is what we wanted
We've got hope
That the highest mountain tops will be like pebbles on the shore
That the valleys far below will be like footsteps in the snow

The harder things get, we've got hope
The line's true, if you only knew
Save your breath, for setting suns and empty diaries
There's meaning in a moment, and I don't want to leave
I know that these dreams have seen better days
I'll give myself to the sea

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